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To whom it may concern:

I would be happy to talk to you about Alan Roof and The Right Way Company. They just finished a very serious job for me and Alan and his crew were excellent throughout the process. And yes – they were prompt – professional – and Alan is very hands on and pro-active about keeping his crew on schedule and responding to the customer’s questions and needs. I am very happy I chose his company to work on my home – and I wouldn’t change a thing about the last few days.

They actually lifted the foundation of my home and leveled my pool deck and back patio area. It was not a small feat. In my home they replaced the eroded dirt with a concrete mixture under the slab and lifted the home as much as four or more inches in certain areas. It is now level, the doors are true, and the cracks I’ve watched grow over the years literally resealed themselves. It is an amazing process.

Alan did not appear to have any problems tackling the job – even when once into it – it became obvious that the damage under the house was more extensive than I first believed. His workers were respectful, clean, and professional throughout the multi-day process – which was very important because I was living in the home during the work Each day they did their best to make sure they accomplished the job and made sure I could be comfortable and safe in the home. It isn’t fun moving everything out of your house – but it was an amazing process to see the house come back to life. The results were incredible and they appeared to do it in record time. I watched him literally lift gaps and perfectly align them, and reseal cracks that had been open for years. And his process was not as invasive – nor as expensive as other companies who had given me bids over the years.

I don’t know what you need to have done – but I have no doubt his company will do an excellent job. My patio is beautiful, safe, and incredibly smooth. And my home is solid – safe – and feels almost like new. I’m a criminal defense attorney – so I don’t know what the ADA standards actually entail – but as someone with a child, a knowledge of litigation and frequent guests around my pool – I can’t afford to have accidents either. I knew I had just reached a point where it was obvious that the work had to be done – or I would risk not only an accident – but also much more expensive repairs if something gave way. I’m very glad I chose Alan’s company.

After watching this process unfold - I think one of the things I was impressed with most was his workers careful attention to detail. They understood the pressure and strength of their equipment and were very careful about how much and where they filled a particular area – they did not cause any damage to my underground pool – or to the large plate glass window in my front living room – two areas of concern for me because I could tell they were both under considerable pressure from the settling. In short – they fixed in a few days a problem I had worried about and watched grow for years. His company is outstanding.

I do apologize for not writing you back earlier - I had unhooked my wireless at the house. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any other questions. It is a fascinating process.

M Bender 




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