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Is Your Foundation Sinking?

You may have a sinking foundation slab if you notice:

Windows and doors are sticking or hard to open
There are large gaps in window and door frames
Multiple nail pops are appearing in ceilings and walls
Walls are beginning to lean noticeably
Floors are starting to become uneven
Chimneys are tilting or leaning ,and cracks can be seen in foundations or block joints.
Is Your Concrete Floor Sinking?

You may have a sinking concrete floor if you notice:

• The floor feels sloped
• Doors have become difficult to open or close
• Furniture or appliances require shims to sit level
• Tiles have cracked or "humps" have developed near the carpet edge

The concrete isn't the problem.

The problem is under the slab!

The Right Way ™ process is the most effective, simple and cost-efficient way to ensure that your floor will be aligned with precision, and it will remain in place permanently without additional cracks or damage.
Low Cost, Fast and Guaranteed!
 The Right Way Lifting System gives you:
• Lower cost than concrete replacement
• One-day repair, in most cases
• The only guaranteed permanent solution
Avoid Costly Sunken Concrete Slab Repair Mistakes
Removing and replacing the whole slab will be:

• Expensive
• Dirty & dusty
• Damaging to the plumbing, walls and existing cabinetry
• Time consuming , and it can take months!
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